Wednesday, September 1, 2010

another summer

this blog isn’t dead. nothing is what i do. and maybe i don’t have big plans and not even promises, don’t give up on me. rather check out my other blogs. but before that here’s my annual list of summer.

during the summer I/'ve...

…acted like a kid and slightly felt guilt because of it

…been up till early morning a lot. Budapest could look like an abandoned battlefield. But it’s nice to ride home with the first buses among the ruins of the night

…finally wrote a fanzine in english (during a two weeks storm)

…recorded a new demo with my awesome band

…been on tour and it was a blast. What else could it have been if we were travelling and partying along with Rákosi

…did lawnmowing a lot which was cool. I hung all alone at my parents' tiny weekend house, was drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and wondering around the lake nearby

…fell totally in love with the new Beach House record

…been at the barn fest which is always a life changing / recharging experience

…befriended new people who i always liked from the distance and thus i became more social and a bit more nice

…smoked a lot of weed (not always the best quality)

…cooked a lot

…tried speed or amphetamin or both (during one night) – it isn’t that big of a deal as i thought previously

…made out with a male dog totally drunk under a kitchen table in germany

…couldn’t make out with any human being

…fell in love with every girl who i talked to and wasn’t a complete idiot or annoying

…been at house parties

…danced at house parties and at some other places

…dry humped a ladder at a house party

…hung with Spencer but not as much as i wanted to

…had amazing amount of fun with duck tape

…snuck into a show. We were on the guest list but whatever. Broke kids grab equipments and security will say nothing

…met new people

…got awesome gifts and had killer meals

…had a jam session with people whose music i always admired and i might joined a new band

…partied with crust punks, fell over a flower bed on the street while i tried to puke in it and almost broke my face. Well there’s still a scar on my nose but now i have one scar and million options for a story.

…slept on floors and under the stars and tables

…carried people on my back

…freaked some people out while drunk and maybe in sober mode as well

…stole beer from a squat so maybe i can say i just squated them

…beat parts of a drum in a tiny and old car

…swam in natural waters but not as much as i wanted

…listened and learned to play as many Ramones songs as a common person should

…only regreted that i didn’t jump into a river in the czech republic. But i wasn’t sure how deep it was and i was a bit scared of leeches

…connected with amazing people from all around the world

…puked suprissingly few times

…lost track with culture except for music

…booked a show to the best austrian band Determination

…ate myself into half-comas

…imitated the marx brothers at night in the middle of the city, drunk with a bloody face

…been an asshole few times but i already was and could have been worse

…barely wear shorts for what i got much respect from others

…been accused of being a sexist when i only love babes

…almost talked to the hungarian Lemmy but i had my hoodie on my head when the phone got pushed into my ears so i couldn’t hear anything and he was a douche anyway.

…sadly realized the awesome bonfire setting cult and people who brought prostitutes to the hill, what faces my window, both groups just dissapeared

…wrote less than i wanted but thought more…then i wanted

…called strangers on phone which is a big thing for me

…enjoyed the shit out of wearing weird shoes or my pants weirdly and listening to awesome music on public vehicles while a bit drunk

…did give a slight fuck about the soccer world championship

…been at a bar alone, twice

…floated on water

…walked in a cemetry daytime

...slept a little

…was listening to music while laying on my and other people’s floors.

Well its the end of another slow death summer
and I don't know if I'll make another
in this asthmatic city
wheezing something about "mercy please"