Wednesday, December 23, 2009

more future

This decade was really something for me. But since I’ll be only 23 on the dawn of the next 10 it’s obvious that the first funs happened with me during the first 10% of the 21st century. I’m not gonna list those. Most of them are more than ordinary. Rather in the name of inovation here are some of my plans for the 10’s:

- Became a visible member of Rákosi. As a second guitarist, playing only feedbacks while dressed as a captain of a yacht.
- Be a roadie on Baader Brains russia/middle asia/ north korea tour, do guest vocals every night in the obvious part of the obvious song wearing nothing but an american flag. I’ve heard all of those countries love public nudity.
- Write shitloads of zines about things i’m only interested in. Make no money out of them altough receiving secret love notes as it happened in the fanzine exhibition at ceu is welcomed big time.
- Somehow pull a prank on the punk community. International or local it’s not decided yet.
- Be huge with the yet secret bro-core, hardcore band i'm in, and laugh on people who believe i take it serious. I mean the lifestyle. Playing Cro Mags songs backwards is another level of fun. And i always take fun dead serious.
- Write six complete Ninpulator songs by myself. 
- Tour every year. Not neccesery with bands i’m in.  I love  to be in cities and don't pay for shit.
- Ninpulators / Rákosi shows, tours, split records and t-shirts. 
- Buy a pipe. For weed. I don’t wanna learn how to roll and most of the times i find public smoking too akward. home-baked!
- Get some shitty tatoos. And one master-piece with Kevin Spacey’s face. See no evil, hear no evil is the best movie. ever.
- Learn how to drive and then go on car trips, all alone. Or with a girlfriend if i’ll have one. Probably i will, cause chicks love guys with licenses. And i love girls with lice. No, not really i just love gross jokes. 
- Get as much free shit as i can. It’s a permanent desire of mine.  
- Write something for MRR.
- Pick a fight with someone famous. Best would be a fashion designer. 
- Spread rumors about a Something Against You reunion show but never do it. Or do it for bailing out friends.
- Avoid getting pregnant any girl.
- Turn down offers which basically suck.  
- Write a solo ep, record it, and never play live. 
- Do something with rappers.
- Learn to draw. I know it’s not gonna happen since i will do nothing for it to happen but would be so awesome.
- Get my life together in the adult way while stay a true to the core punk.
- Regain the will to not only buy new books but to read them as well. 
- Visit Spencer in his town. only swinging between his apartment and the cheapest stripteas bars / mexican joints. and check out the thing, how they do punk.
- Cause some major trouble for someone/something major not take the fall for it and not even care about it. 
- Not jinx anything above.

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