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Dear current state of punk,
You don’t exist. Not because you have been dead, betrayed and backstabbed or even worse existed only as an unborn child kept alive just as someone’s fantasy. None of these.  I’m not even over you and this is no place to make spiky, chained folks to the butt of any jokes and I swear this will go without any intention to make anyone feel shitty who like me is listening right now to Isterismo or fuck it even to Toy Dolls (which I do not) and wearing boots (which I do) or leather jackets indoors (I have an anorak on). It’s just that there is no fucking current state of punk. Never was, never will be. It’s a fucking bottle that has been labeled. It could be smashed and then it could be replaced with another jar. There could be million labels and million bottles. The only thing that should be important in this allegory is that it’s an empty space so whatever you pour into it that’s what you get cause it’s your space.
You don’t like kids being apathetic?
You don’t like bands being boring?
You need something new, something interesting?
Then either find it, make it, realize it but shout up if you don’t do anything. If you had done anything then you wouldn’t complain. (yeah, you would as I do most of the time but please follow me) My heart has been broken million times when I saw people just shrug their shoulders on the scum who beat or rape women in our scene, who are friends with nazis, people who are just the worst human beings. My heart breaks even when friends and self-proclaimed music enthusiasts rather hang in front of shows and drink cheap wine than come down and support local promoters like myself. I’m not against having fun and pointless hangings but I have different level of fun when I witness people perform their angst in front of me than with chugging shitty beer on a piss soaked bench. I have spent a fortune on getting shitfaced on pointless weekday nights still I rather spend my money to eat something good or buy a record. Although I still think drinking beer is fun and smoking cigarettes are fucking cool but don’t get addicted to any. Get addicted to buying records and attending shows. And carrying about what’s good for your fucking mental health punx!!!   
Back to crying over the non-existing current state of punk: Most of the people are fucking stupid and the only fact that they probably listen to let’s say Faith, well it won’t make them better or smarter or anything. It’ simply that they share one thing common with you or with me cause I do love Faith and probably think 80% of their fans are people I’m lucky I don’t know. Still I could love the fact that someone does listen to them but again it’s just my enthusiasm towards that band what is reflected on someone else. I like you because you are like me, I was so lonely now I have found you who is another version of me. This is how I made most of my friends but luckily they proved to be more than just people with similar taste in music.
Today I’ve learned my girlfriend also loves Modern Lovers. Do I love her more now? No because I’m already head over heels with her and there is no chance I could love her more than I did before I have learned this fact. She would be perfect even if she was listening to elevator music.
The music we listen to, the basic principles we believe in, there should be more to define us. And remember the fact alone that someone does punk in a way that’s lame to you - it won’t make them terrible humans. JUST TERRIBLE PUNX!!!!
So why are we so needy, obsessed, concerned and chained to people who are dumb, lame or just have different ideas about how to do their own punk thus giving us hard times? Care about your friends if you need company in all this. About people whom you are doing something together. You don’t even have to be best friends with your band mates and partners in crime either. It’s better if you could spend time with them even when you are not doing punk things and please don’t play with people just because they are schooled musicians but being in a creative and time consuming project with other people sometimes could lead to places and situations where you don’t wanna end up with your best friends cause you could lose them there and then over few seconds in a stupid punk song. I’m saying this while I have only played together with people who I count among my best friends and it’s a happy marriage. So care about people who cares about you. Don’t waste your precious time being upset on assholes. Be a freak that will scare them away.
I don’t want to disrespect the hard work everybody is doing to fill and run this magazine but when I got bored of all the interviews that said nothing to me (and this problem was based in me) I started interviewing bands I do like and asked questions I do care about. I don’t live there, I don’t speak the language properly I’m not even that smart. I only have the will that has been gathered in me when I don’t like what is the current state of punk. Then I change it. Not for you but foremost for myself. And you will decide if you like it or not. I’m glad if you do and I will be a bit hurt if you don’t, still if the process is fun enough it could overwrite any cruel but righteous criticism.
There is a changing dynamic of how I approach my friends, the scene, local bands but all of them are still growing, improving and at the same time staying the same. Things will happen if you try to make a change for yourself and not sacrifice yourself to try to change other people or be bothered by how different their attitude from yours. Just do whatever the fuck that makes you happy and if you are lucky enough to create your own bubble where you could be as much of a freak as you want then you will be happy.
Two of the bands I play in now went on tour and since they include the full membership of Piss Crystals they played as well. Seven people, three bands, one constantly stoned driver, one friend who came along. We played three nights at Pécs (H), Graz (A), Zagreb (HR). It was beyond fun. Shows with good turn outs, great vibes and all of us played tight sets. On our last night we bought some weed and I hate to play while stoned but I gave a little chance. A sketchy weirdo skinhead guy smoked with us and this meant he inhaled half of our spliffs (we launched two) in one take. He hung with us for 10 minutes and spent the next 3 hours sitting in the corner being paranoid of weed only staring in front of him.
We played a set with Norms and it was amazing. I felt like this was the sense of playing music with people you respect with whom you created something that is above your everydays. There was that unidentified energy that was bouncing among us and it felt like I was feeling what they have felt as well. When everything that is haunting you through months transform into the power that is the engine in your body that is playing these songs. I felt like something grabbed me. It was amazing. Seriously, form a band!
Then I played bass for Zen Fascists in shades in a room that had no lights just red and blue flashes. We covered TV Casualty from the Misfits and it felt like we played that song for 2 hours but it was amazing two hours. That monotony and growing tension of the song had hypnotized me. While everyone else from our crew was moshing out crippled moves.
We knocked ourselves out from reality through these three days. We were just a bunch of weirdo creeps playing shitty music to people who appreciated this. And that was our scene, that was our bubble and that was our punk. We didn’t achieved, changed or proved anything. It was just good and after all that’s what matters.
On the road I was wondering on few things when I was not punching the air to the first Cock Sparer record. That shit is so good it sounds like really slim scumbag powr pop fans are making evil music to threaten people with knives.
Anyway, who the fuck listens to hardcore? Seriously half of those bands are preaching about how important it is to have a personality for yourself. Which is cool but these bands sound like this is a serious problem in their scene and very few people are having an individual identity since every 3rd song is about this case. Is there really people who has no personality even if they are awful? Being an asshole counts as being something. And songs like these will change anything?
Also how can someone be backstabbed and why are people sad because others change? I have some ideas but is it really happening all the time? This would mean hardcore fans are probably the scummiest people ever on the face of earth. Is it masochism then what leads people to spend their time listening to bands who are questioning them? Is it a mental punch they need in a more digestible form of every day humiliation? I love many of these bands but some of them sound like dorks who wish to be jocks. Stop writing lyrics in the locker room if you want to be taken serious by people who are old enough to consume alcohol and smart enough to read a book.

I also realized that my heart is with people who feel alienated and awkward even at a hardcore show and it doesn’t mean she or he is not the fan of the genre just feel weird even on their night out. Why not? Sometimes I couldn’t even find my place at band rehearsals. It’s okay to feel alienated sometimes.
I also fucking hate bands preaching against being political. It doesn’t mean you need a degree in political science but talking about almost anything is political in this day and age. Wake the fuck up there are no ideologies left it’s just us being afraid of the downfall of this system. Everything is politics. Even having a self to be.
Anyway the end is near and of course I did not started writing together the bands I will pick to include on my year end top ten even though I already got the memo that I was picked as a list maker. I rather listen to European bands from decades ago.
I love living in Europe cause every country has another culture, another approach for the same thing. And while I love in good music that the component of it being universal in the sense that it’s so good it could have been made by anyone, anytime anywhere. Thus while bands here have a prolific sound that could be connected to where they are from the good ones are also universal.
Have you heard Rapt from France? Really ferocious and disgusting hardcore, super fast, noisy and it runs brutality through confused kids who are angry as fuck. Just hardcore perfection played by punks. As fast the music doesn’t make any sense only the fact that it is played by the youth. They sound if they were drunk by the awakening of they could do anything they want. So they made this beautiful mess.
I rarely listen to Hungarian punk bands. Old, legendary ones. The reason is even if those bands were good, the recordings are terrible. I love lo-fi and noise but these are the ones what makes you angry in a bad way. Due to the recording and pressing industries were controlled by the commies it was illegal to record and distribute anything that was not okayed by the government. Pressing on Vinyl was out of question. Thus very few bands had recording that are not painful to listen to.
Other problem for me is how we Hungarians are. I mean this fucking column is about me preaching to the whole universe. Some of these bands just tucked everything in their music. They wanted to do everything at the same time and it just turned out to be some super annoying weirdo music, and even though this description sounds cool the actual records aren’t that good at all. But there are exceptions.
My friends were talking about a video of a local legendary band 88-as Csoport which I have rewatched again and it lead me to discover this amazing Hungarian band called Biztonsági Tanács. They are amazing. I have only seen a picture of their singer who looks like how Brainbombs sound but their music is distant from this. It’s crazy, and fast and noisy while it holds some melodic edge to it. Just perfect hardcore / punk. With enough stupid jokes as tape manipulation between songs. Their later songs include clarinet and they have replaced their singer with a girl. Still they sound good. Go in youtube and search for BiztonságiTanács – Demo. Crazy good.  
Whatever. Stop irony.

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