Sunday, January 16, 2011

TLWFY - Things what depress me

- People dropping the word nostalgia around loud and fast music and outsider ideas. Which they listened or seemed to believe in a few years ago. Seriously people, stop glorifying your pathetic time span what you’d spent mostly in your head as a rebellious teen. Sometimes it’s fun to look back but so lame to romanticize it like „oh, it used to be so good but now i’m totally over it”. Like only naive little kids would be involved in such things. If you’re over it then why the fuck are you always referring to it? It’s like when a canadian guy told me because i’m just 23 i should do drugs now so i’ll have the experiences and i could grow older and remember these times as how fun was it to be young. But fuck that. Fuck the concept of in some point of my life there will be things i’m not gonna do, try or experience just because i’m advanced with my age. Cause maybe i could be corrupted or fuck knows what. That is just some big bullshit. Young people thinking and acting like they are old is fucking depressing. Especially when they are only doing it to overestimate the passing of time to seem a bit similar to those old guys who they are looking up to. Even the old guys are depressing and aping depressing people is the most depressing thing ever.
- Professional musicians. Who think just because they can play on their instruments many chords in the school way, they deserve more than what they can get by themselves. Almost every time in this case bands could not write one proper song. They are all about technique and no original ideas. Requires for what? No one cares about your stupid solos. It’s not even pissing me off it’s just so sad i wanna cry my pillow salty.
- Young kids who want to be professionals only to be famous and liked. Before even doing anything. Afraid to risk anything, never do nothing. Way to go kids!
- People who think there’s such thing as serious music journalism not just fans with reliable tastes and even if they hate these so called journalists they make them feel legit. When a fan thinks he or she is a pro it’s reviews mostly talk about what other media said about the record and they try to be objective. About a record? It’s more like funny than depressing.
- People who lose money or interest in punk so they call their scene or the whole thing dead.
- People who think others do everything with some kind of bad intentions. Lots of times these judgmental heads call themselves anarchists. But how could someone be an anarchist when they don’t trust people? Some people are different than others. And because we find things shitty it doesn’t mean for others it’s not the best thing ever. We listen to unlistenable music and we think it’s the best thing ever. It’s the fascists who decide why people doing things.
- People carrying more about formats than the content. „I don’t listen to cds or mp3s”. No one listens to cds or mp3 there are bands playing music on them. Arrogance is really really sad. Fuck limited stuffs and format obsessed individuals.
- People claiming respect. Especially from the young fellows towards the old farts while first of all the old guys are constantly shitting on the young ones and second what the fuck? Respect, behaving? Is it a fucking family lunch or could we be punks? And what do you do with respect? You want it for what you are doing now or for what you did long long time ago?
- Old people killing hope in young. Fucking lame that much it is so depressing.
- People in punk telling others what they should do or how it should be. Like a scene, a band, a zine could be controlled and there should be someone who’s in charge. Things are happening cause people want them to happen if you don’t like it make something else what suits you the best.
- People who only talk about their jobs or tv series. I feel sad for people who only live for their jobs and the coolest thing for them to talk about is tv.
- Conservative punks makes me feel stupid cause i couldn’t really put the two things together in my head. And i feel sad when i’m stupid.
- People who express their opinions about bands in relation with their crowd or the social phenomenon what surrounds these bands. So so sad cause we should care about the bands not their fans.
- People proud to not know or do something. „I’ve never read this book, i never read anything”. Bravo fucking bravo.

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